Out-of-the-box solution for your team collaboration and social networking apps.


Local and remote workers can edit the same document simultaneously from any device with a browser.


Groupive works on top of existing document editors within common team and enterprise webapps, so it’s easy to use and install.


Timeline-based access to history of document additions and deletions, search integration, live in-line annotations and more.


Gather and edit the different types of content you need for your project. Automatic formatting ensures everything looks great across all devices.

Why Groupive?

Groupive finds the rich text editors, text areas and text boxes used by popular web applications and makes them collaborative. Turn stale wikis into real-time co-editing environments. Invite colleagues to draft a blog post in your content management system. Edit a bug tracker entry or forum submission simultaneously with other online collaborators. Avoid the frustration of locked documents and conflicts by working smarter within your existing tools.

Plans & Pricing

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Public and private cloud deployments available.
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